With this tasty travel blog I hope to inspire you and take you along in my world of scrumptious dinners and lovely hotel rooms. My mission as an avid traveler is always searching for the tastiest destinations. Whether it's about camping in a tent in Iceland, traveling around the Amazonas or flying business class to New York. As long as it is tasty, I will probably be just around the corner. 



There are a few things in this world I could never get enough of. And one of them is traveling. Nothing feels as good as getting on a plane towards the next big adventure. And no country is visited without tasting its local cuisine, including whatever beverage that goes well with it.  So that's why I combine the 3 best things on earth in this blog. 

Jens de Maere & Alice Van Meerbeeck

Welcome into our fabulous world of travel, food and wine. Flying, wining and dining are the top things on our list and we are very happy to share our stories and experiences with you.

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